links for 2011-05-03

  • Anonymous

    And Poor Idris didn’t even rate a Slurpee cup at 7/11! Even the little monkey from ‘Hangover 2’ got his own cup! This stinks!

  • Anonymous

    France’s quota on African players will last until the first time their national team is humiliated. Wasn’t an African largely responsible for their World Cup win a few years ago? This is just naked racism. The kind of naked athletic racism that was practiced in the US up until about the late ’60s in most sports. The “sophisticated” French seem to be regressing.

  • Gillian

    I follow soccer pretty closely, and the France quota story is a big deal. I watch most of the players on the French national side because I follow the clubs they play for. France actually has a great crop of young players, some of whom Thuram mentioned (Nasri, Benzema, Malouda). The idea of a quota is comical to me, because where would the France team be without the African players? Nowhere.