links for 2011-04-01

  • Why is Ed Schultz hosting MSNBC’s special on “The Black Agenda” alone? | St. Petersburg Times
  • “It’s hard to know what troubles me more about an upcoming MSNBC special dubbed “A Stronger Nation: The Black Agenda,” planned April 10 at a convention held by Al Sharpton’s National Action Network.

    “Is it the use of a dated term like “black agenda,” which sounds oddly pejorative? Regardless of who came up with it — MSNBC or Sharpton’s group — it feels like the kind of term anti-civil rights people used to describe work towards social justice decades ago.”

    “Sixty-one percent of women between the ages of 50 and 75 questioned for a UK Film Council survey of 4,315 people said women of their age were portrayed on the big screen as not having sexual needs or desires. Half said they were comfortable with older women being seen as attractive to younger men. Seven in 10 also felt that their group was generally under-represented in films and that younger women were glamorised.”In contrast, two-thirds of black African and Caribbean people said black characters were portrayed as being overly sexual. Eighty percent of the gay people questioned felt gay characters’ sexuality commanded disproportionate attention.”
    “Of course, Peck’s comments are not in the smallest way indicative of the GOP’s hatred for Hispanics. As conservatives are quick to point out, that is all a liberal-media myth, and the Republican Party truly loves Hispanics. After all, you only joke about slaughtering people like vermin if you really respect them.”To be fair, it can’t be easy for Representative Peck. You see, he knows, on some subconscious level, that this is probably the high-water mark for anti-Latino sentiment in this country. His homey brand of racism just isn’t going to fly much longer.”

CNN and the Muslim Women Next Door

By Guest Contributor Diana, cross-posted from Muslimah Media Watch

Coming on the heels of a seemingly endless surge of anti-Muslim bigotry in the U.S., CNN picked the most opportune moment to air its special on Muslims, titled Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door with reporter Soledad O’Brien.

After having been glued to the news in the last couple of weeks, following Rep. Peter King’s hearings on Muslim extremism in the United States and the recent display of anti-Muslim bigotry to hit the community of Southern California, I cringed at the title of this documentary.

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Colored News Network: Why can’t CNN seem to get black news right?

By Guest Contributor Dionne Walker

Even if CNN is winning more praise for its’ recent special on the Muslim community, the network’s overall track record in dealing with stories in black communities is so bad that other journalists of color still ridicule it. And I should know – my friends and I are among them.

That’s because every few months, the cable news powerhouse goes all “ethnic” and hilarity ensues. The network rolls out Soledad O’Brien on a handcart, to the chagrin of some black journalists who question why a Latina-appearing, biracial woman would become the network’s patron saint of Negro news. It unfurls the “Black in America” stage backdrop; it hustles some brown passerby into the studio for his “perspectives.” The result is usually a giggle-inducing attempt at documenting the black experience – too often involving unmarried black women, black youth struggling to go to college or some other stale topic.

That’s when we black journos swing into action.

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