links for 2011-04-20

  • "Thirteen Korean adoptees regained their South Korean citizenship on Tuesday but didn’t have to forfeit their foreign nationality in the first case of its kind to happen since a revised immigration law went into effect, the Justice Ministry said.

    "The revised immigration law, which took effect on Jan. 1, allows foreign individuals, including those who have valued expertise and were adopted before they came of age, to hold multiple citizenship if they make a vow to not exercise their rights as foreign nationals while in South Korea."

  • "Pang Khee Teik, the co-founder of a Malaysian sexual rights awareness group, called the camp 'outrageous.'

    "'If we don't do anything to stop the rot of homophobia … I worry it may get worse,' he said. Gay Malaysians say they face discrimination from government policies such as a law that makes sodomy punishable by 20 years in prison. The law is seldom and selectively enforced, but some states also impose jail terms for public cross-dressing."

  • "The Lion King" will become the new racefail apology meme. Watch for it…–AJP "The National Afro-Swedish Association reported the Halland and Helsingkrona associations at Lund University to the police for hate speech over 'jungle parties' held last weekend.

    "'This is not a bunch of skinheads. This is the elite. Lund's students are some of the best educated in Sweden,' he said. 'This racism is becoming all too common.'"

  • "But the clashes over the trains carrying Tunisian passengers from Italy to France and E.U. points beyond are even more significant in reflecting a deep and hardening anti-immigration sentiment across Europe — one that's now being exploited by mainstream conservatives who once shunned the stigmatization of immigrants as the toxic reserve of the xenophobic extreme right."
  • "It's hard not to notice, especially in California, that our commitment to education has diminished as the proportion of children in our schools has become less white. I'm noticing correlation, not arguing causation, but it's hard not to believe the two things are related. Progressives here have been trying to give older white voters and taxpayers a reason to invest in our multiracial future. Maybe Douthat's message can work to scare conservative whites into investing in the future of all children, but, of course, it's intended to do the opposite: To scare them into believing they can't afford to believe there will be a safety net when they retire, so we might as well dismantle it now."
  • "Jackson’s heartbreaking poem speaks volumes to the fear of violence many kids face head on so that they can participate in extracurricular activities. Fear of having the same unfortunate fate of Jackson also impedes people from being physically active. A recent study by Kaiser Permanente and the Prevention Institute found fear of violence stops people from taking advantage of recreational facilities and opportunities even if they are in their neighborhoods. The study found that 'people who are afraid of violence walk and bike infrequently, avoid using neighborhood parks, and restrict their children’s outdoor play.' In other words, if you build it, they may not come if it feels too dangerous to walk there."
  • "A former BET producer, is suing the network because she claims she was fired for refusing to work with a man who had sexually harassed her. Plus, executives allegedly pushed her out after she revealed that she was pregnant.

    In the lawsuit, Tameika Dorman says that in 2009 camera operator Derek Clarke repeatedly showed her footage he took of her walking up stairs in a mini-skirt while they were editing a segment that she was hosted and produced. According to the Daily News, when Dorman asked why he was replaying the video he, "grabbed and repeatedly rubbed his crotch, began to moan, and said it was because he loved her butt, that she was sexy and that she did not know what he was going to do to her."