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  • "Ironically, one of the recipients of the email was the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF), a group singled out by Kenney in 2009 for what he called its 'hateful sentiments' toward Israel and Jews. The immigration minister subsequently cut $1.2 million in funding for the Federation’s language and job search workshops for newcomers.

    “'To parade people from ethnic communities in traditional costumes is such a superficial way for the prime minister to serve his own interests without looking seriously at the issues which concern these communities,' said CAF president Khaled Mouammar. 'It’s disgusting actually.'”

  • Blackface as protest? ::steps away from story very slowly:: –AJP "Italian basketball players and fans have been urged to paint their faces black during the next round of fixtures to show support to a player who was racially abused."
  • "At the core of this is a very difficult truth–the Civil War was about slavery. More than that, the Confederacy was erected with the aim of creating a country where white supremacy could flourish and where blacks would constitute an imprisoned laboring class in perpetuity. The difference between the Dukes of Hazzard Confederacy and the actual Confederacy is so vast that when laid bare, it inspires disbelief.
    "If you had told me before I began this research that 30,000 blacks fought for the Confederacy, I would not have been surprised. That was me barely four years ago. People fight against what we perceive to be their own interest all the time, right? Even being black, even being skeptical, I really had no sense of how deeply the Confederacy was rooted in the explicit and outright domination of black people. Not some amorphous "people of color." Specifically black people.
  • "Among the 2009 intake, 10.8% of students at Harvard were African-American, compared with 8.2% at Princeton, and 7% at Yale. To put the data in some context, African-American students made up 14% of US college enrolments in 2008. The MP and former higher education minister David Lammy suggests that part of the reason Harvard does better on race is that it writes to every high-achieving minority student. The Ivy League institution is proud of its outreach, sending admissions officers every year to schools in every US state."
  • "The exhibition will publicly and visually denounce Asian American stereotypes by showing Asian American characters positively portrayed as heroes instead of as the menacing villan or side-kick character. Growing up, I never saw many Asian Americans portrayed in comics or literature in a positive light, if they were even featured as characters at all."
  • "Charles Montgomery thinks Korean literature could be on the brink of a popularity breakthrough.

    "But when he looked on Wikipedia he was disappointed to find a dearth of information about it. Major authors were overlooked: Gong Ji-young’s page was a 60-word stub; Park Wan-suh had no page at all.

    "That’s a disastrous situation in an age when if something isn’t on Wikipedia it doesn’t exist."

  • "By midcentury, water is expected to loom as large as oil in the economic and political life of the country, as parties race to lock up supplies. As droughts exacerbated by climate change and by population growth expand in the Great Plains and the Southwest, Indian water rights loom as a largely unsettled — and unsettling — factor that could affect the price and availability of water to millions of homes and businesses."
  • "Therefore, as the conversations about harassment begin to take place in the black community, I want to contribute my own experience because it is the shared experience of manly black women in interracial relationships. I've found that people are often less willing to listen to stories like my own because there is an underlying belief that "you knew it was coming sooner or later" if you date outside your race. However, I reject this notion of blaming the victim. I am no more willing to accept harassment from black men than I am from white supremacists and normalizing this harassment should be a cause for concern for everyone."
  • "When new census data revealed last month that blacks are probably no longer a majority in Washington — a status they had held since shortly after World War II — some residents read that as confirmation that the District’s black identity is slipping away. From politicians to talk-show callers, in diners and schoolyards, many Washingtonians — and especially black residents who have spent all their lives in the city — took the census numbers as proof that the District is turning into one more majority-white city.

    "But in politics, business, culture and sports, the public face of Washington is still largely African American, and there’s considerable evidence that it may stay that way for a long time to come."

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