Links Round-up LoveBack

By Andrea (AJ) Plaid

Yep, I’m stepping out of my Sexual Correspondent role for a hot minute.  My other job at the R is to help in compiling the Links Round-up you see here almost every day. 

I just want to give a big bouquet of gratitude to everyone who contributes to and comments on them. I want to give a special shout-out to Carleandria, who not only gives us quality links on the daily at delicious but also provides great international links.  Also special thanks to Rob Schmidt, InfodivaMLIS415, molecularshyness, Restructure!, ananser, Jasmine, and Just Checking, who also pass along fantastic links to us.  If you want to contribute links and story ideas, click here.

I also want to give love the R crew, who share the duties, especially to Latoya and Thea, who taught me everything I know about linking.   

Photo credit: Be Exquisite

  • jen*

    whee! check me out with a shout out!

    Carleandria links to some awesome pieces – so I echo the props to her. Thx for keeping us informed, AP!

    • AndreaPlaid