links for 2011-04-12

  • "While Color of Change launched the boycott against Beck, Rucker also named organizations such as Media Matters,, CREDO and StopBeck as playing a crucial role in getting the talk show host canned. In a statement to supporters, Media Matters for America founder and chairman David Brock said that it has been able to expose 'Beck’s relentless tide of smear campaigns and lies.'”
  • "It’s important to remember that the federal lawsuit against SB1070 is based more on the idea that it is the job of the federal government to enforce immigration laws, than on the idea of racial profiling being a disgusting way to feed the prison system. And enforce the federal government has done (i.e Secure Communities).

    "The continuance of the injunction hopefully will also serve as a warning to states, like Georgia, that are pushing laws like SB1070, that these laws will be challenged by the legal system, but perhaps more importantly and less talked about, by our communities."

  • "In a vote on Friday, April 8, 2011, the Maryland House of Delegates voted 74 to 66 in favor of the DREAM Act. This will allow undocumented youth who are seeking degrees in community colleges and state schools to receive in-state tuition as long as they graduated from a state school and their families pay taxes unless they are exempt for emergency situations (which right now are unclear to me what is considered an 'emergency')."
  • "On Wednesday, the Recording Academy announced its decision to consolidate Grammy Awards categories from 109 to 78, leaving more artists competing for fewer Awards. There’s reason for artists of color to worry about the change. The castaway categories include: Best Latin Jazz Album, Best Contemporary Jazz Album, Best Cajun & Zydeco Album, Best Native American Album and Best Hawaiian Music Album. Seven Latin categories were cut to four, citing duplicate categories in the Latin Grammy Awards ceremony and the English-language awards.

    "The three R&B vocal performance awards for males, females and groups have been merged into a single R&B performance award. "

  • "And why shouldn't they trust him? Ray seemed the embodiment of his own teaching that you can attract wealth into all areas of your life: charismatic, confident, fit and seemingly younger than his 51 years; the author of a New York Times bestseller; a star of the hit motivational book and DVD 'The Secret'; a media darling who rubbed elbows with Oprah Winfrey and Larry King; the subject of a recent profile by Fortune magazine; and chief executive of James Ray International, which claimed $9.4 million in annual revenue and had just been named to Inc. magazine's list of 500 fastest-growing private companies.

    "But those attending the Spiritual Warrior retreat did not know that Ray already was being accused of misappropriating and misusing others' teachings without permission or proper training… 

    "And they did not know that Ray's way of running a sweat lodge violated the spiritual and safety practices of the Native American traditions he claimed to follow."

  • "It's Christmas in New York City and the temperature is a blistering 120 degrees. Climate change has warmed the planet to the point where midday curfews keep people out of the oppressive heat. Scientists have devised a way to extract and inject melanin, making skin pigment a commodity.
    "This is the future world envisioned by director A. Sayeeda Clarke in her short film, White, part of ITVS's Futurestates series.
    "'White' explores a future where society's racial stratification is heightened by a need for melanin."