links for 2011-04-09

  • "Tensions between Italy and France have been brewing since France sent back to Italy about 1,700 of 2,400 Tunisians who had crossed the border, figures cited by Mr. Guéant this week.
    "The issue has underscored strains in the European Union over the application of the Schengen agreement, which loosens border controls among the union’s 27 member nations, except Britain and Ireland. It also comes at a time when the domestic politics of both Italy and France are being shaped by parties with strong anti-immigrant agendas: the National Front in France and Italy’s Northern League, of which Mr. Maroni is a member."
  • Annie

    I totally agree with what France and Italy are doing; it’s well within their rights to control their borders.

    • Peppermint

      The perhaps France should stop interfering in other countries. Is it also well within their rights to interfere in the politics and fund wars of previously colonized nations? Because they have no problem doing that. But when someone wants into their country, to live peacefully, all of sudden they’re up in arms?