links for 2011-04-08

  • Ladyguerita

    considering that 36% of were 3 6 to 65 and 32% were Older than 65 and factor in that that they are republicans. I see why they do not approve of interracial marriage. I bet they believe that Regan was a great president.

  • Wanderringlady123

    I see that George “Macaca” Allen is still around to put his foot in his mouth. Voters of Virginia, just say no (again)!

  • Mickey

    Why is it that the people who are against interracial marriages are the ones that other people do not wish to marry in the first damn place?

    As for “anything but black”, don’t you just love selective racismn? (sarcasm)

  • EinSC

    Non-Republican white Southerner here (we do exist). Kinda surprised this wasn’t from my home state of SC, whose unofficial motto is “Thank God for Mississippi!” or we would rank 50th in everything.
    Totally not surprised by the results, though. And really, “interracial marriage” down here specifically refers to black-white. Not so much other races – “anything but black” you know. I need a therapist for my love-hate relationship with my state & region.

    • jen*

      Granted I’m not *from* SC, I just live there, but I find little to love. I’d put myself down as being in a tolerate/hate relationship. But I think being a mixed girl living in Podunk strongly informs my feelings.

      You are so on the money about the Mississippi slogan though. 😉 Esp. after Sanford hit the Appalachian Trail…

      • EinSC

        Much of the love is a holdover from my childhood and a progressive upbringing (thank you, parents and grandparents) and from knowing wonderful people. And as I know now, white privilege. I’m also fortunate in my career – being in the academic/historical/cultural arenas that fill my professional and personal life with good, intelligent, thoughtful folks (for the most part). Currently, not much to love about my state’s political and racial climate. And some of my cousins are drinking the Tea Party kool-aid, much to my despair….and it would be to the despair of their late parents, as well, to see them stray so far…..