Back and Snarky As Ever

by Latoya Peterson

As further proof that you can’t really quit racial justice (just the public parts of the gig), Carmen popped up as Angry Asian Man’s Angry Reader of the Week. Some choice bits:

Who are you?
I’m Carmen Sognonvi. If you’ve been hanging out on the Asian-American/racial justice interwebs for awhile, you may know me better by my maiden name, Carmen Van Kerckhove.

What are you?
I’m one of those fancy multiracial people you keep reading about in the paper since the Census results came out. My mom is Hong Kong Chinese and my dad is Belgian.

What makes you angry?
Posts like this. Stop hating on Keanu, Phil. You may be a cover model now, but Keanu’s still prettier.

(h/t Resist Racism)

  • AndreaPlaid

    Dunno, Carmen (and all respect to his wife)…Phil does rocks the foine. 😉

    • Carmen Sognonvi

      Yeah who are we kidding, he’s totally cute in that shoot.

  • Carmen Sognonvi

    Good god. Is that photo big enough, ya think?

    But seriously, doing this interview was so much fun! Makes me all nostalgic and stuff. :)

    • Anonymous

      See, now you’re slipping…you just left yourself wide open for a big head joke 😛

      • Carmen Sognonvi

        Bring it. I have finally come to terms with my ginormous head. :) Poor Sean though. Between me and big-head Serge, she never had a chance.

        • AndreaPlaid

          ::liquefies into puddle of laughter::