links for 2011-04-02

  • "Writers take us to different places and introduce us to all kinds of people throughout vast periods in time. In one story, we might travel from 1920s Harlem to Nigeria in the midst of terror during the Biafran War, and then on to the mystical Oguta Lake, all without ever having to set foot outside our door.

    Words and writers should never be underestimated, and there are hundreds of brilliant authors who deserve our appreciation and respect.

    To wrap up Women's History Month, put together a gallery of 40 influential black women authors. Some names you may know and others you may not. Their varied backgrounds give way to multi-faceted perspectives."

  • "Simon was back in the news last month weighing in on those expendable people. On March 11, Felicia (Snoop) Pearson, an actor from The Wire, was arrested on drug-related charges. Simon wrote in the Baltimore Sun that she deserved the presumption of innocence, adding, “America now jails more of its people than any country, including all totalitarian states. We pretend to a war against narcotics, but in truth, we are simply brutalizing and dehumanizing an urban underclass that we no longer need as a labor supply.”"
  • "The quest for Najib—the details of his life and the route of his great escape —that consumed me for the next thirteen years was not an easy one. Most of Palestine’s history, together with that of its people, is buried deep in the ground. To reconstruct the journey of my great-great-uncle I could not visit any of the houses where he and his family had lived in Haifa, his point of departure. This mixed community of Arabs and Jews has become an Israeli city, with most of its former Palestinian inhabitants scattered throughout the world. "
  • "Talk about poor judgement. According to Angry Asian Man, on March 22 the Dave Ryan Show in Minneapolis played a racist song about the Hmong community. Apparently it was sung by one of the hosts, Steve-O, and set to the tune of Eric Claption’s 'Tears in Heaven.' Understandably, Minneapolis Hmong community — which numbers over 40,000 in the Minneapolis- St. Paul area — is outraged. To know why, just read these lyrics…"
  • "These persistent disparities are embedded in the structure of our economy. In 1972, according to the earliest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, average labor-force participation for African Americans was 60 percent, the majority of whom were employed in low-wage work. By 1999, that number had peaked at just 66 percent, and it recently slid to 62 percent, due mostly to the recession. Likewise, in 1973, average labor-force participation for Latinos was 60 percent, peaking at nearly 70 percent in 2000 and sliding down to 68.5 percent by 2008. The numbers are comparable to whites, who have a current participation rate of 66 percent but are more likely to hold higher-income positions. By contrast, minorities are still concentrated in the lower rungs of the American workforce; 53 percent of laborers, 50 percent of service workers, and 33 percent of office and clerical workers are people of color."
  • Q: You've become a fashion icon in a short time — even being named Best Dressed at the SAG Awards by Joan Rivers' 'Fashion Police.' As a full-figured woman, how does that make you feel?
    A: It makes me feel amazing. I'm a plus-sized girl, but I know how to dress myself and I know what looks good on me. With the character I play, I feel there is a lot of responsibility and I'm okay with being a role model. I think that recognition made a lot of girls feel like they can be beautiful and confident no matter what size or color they are.
  • "A couple of party promoters are attempting to bring back the popular 1990s Spring Break-like festival,  'Freaknik', despite criticisms the party drew from city officials in the past.

    "Some doubt this years Freaknik festival will live up to its heyday in the 90′s, and feel it should be left in the past."

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