Quoted: Chicago Abortion Fund Opposes South Side Billboard Campaign

“[I]t’s clear those who fight against reproductive choice for women of color know nothing of why women choose abortion Rather than create fake concern for a community these people have never set foot in, Life Always should spend their energies helping us address the reasons why women decide to choose abortion.  The procedures we help fund are because out community is among the least likely to have regular access to healthcare, family planning and comprehensive sex education.  Our services exist because our women are among the most likely to be victims of sexual assault…

“Women have a legal right to access abortion services and should not be shamed regarding the personal choices they make.  Abortion is a personal decision, not a political discussion.  We will not be moved moved by this anti-choice attempt to hijack our communities.”

~~Chicago Abortion Fund‘s Executive Director Gaylon Alcaraz

If you want to let Life Always know how you feel about their billboard, you can sign a petition here.

Photo credit: groundswellfund.org

  • Anonymous

    The fake concern is funny but scary…. Why are they targeting black women???

    • Crystal

      They’re targeting black women so that they can split the black vote due to their propaganda (These anti-abortion people have even gotten BET to play a “Black Genocide” commercial) so they can secure a Republican in office in 2012. The whole thing is sickening. I don’t know how these organizations of predominantly white people think THEY have the RIGHT to try to racially guilt black people. The hypocrisy and unjustness of it all is SICKENING!