links for 2011-03-30

  • "It doesn't matter what the Constitution and various court decisions say. We stripped them of their land, cultures, languages, and religions. Now let's strip them of the money that was supposed to compensate them. They're only 'dirty redskins,' so who cares if we rob them twice? We'll rob them as many times as it takes until they shrivel up and die.

    "Pay close attention to what this Jolly Roger is saying. Indians are suffering high rates of suicide, but let's do nothing to help them. Maybe they'll help themselves and maybe they won't. If they don't, problem solved. Once they're dead we can take their remaining land and resources without listening to them whine about their 'rights.'"

  • "A group of Christian and Muslim leaders spoke out Monday in a Detroit church against the planned visit of Terry Jones, the Quran-burning pastor from Florida.

    "Jones told the Free Press last week that he's coming to Dearborn next month to protest outside the Islamic Center of America against Islamic law and rule.

    "The Rev. Charles Williams II, pastor of King Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit, said Monday that Jones is bringing 'a message of hate' to Michigan.

  • "The French call it nostalgie de la boue, or 'yearning for the mud.' It's a great phrase for describing what these white writers mean when they say they like the way Odd Future's music makes them 'feel weird and awful.'

    "It's the same charge people got from listening to Biggie's robbery schemes on 'Gimme the Loot,' and the visceral thrill that made audiences get to their feet when Mike Tyson used to manhandle opponents in the ring. Consider it a kind of cultural tourism in which spectators get to feel dangerous without ever really approaching danger."

  • "I was dancing in a G-string and pasties when I first realized I was a feminist. Backtrack: I was a young woman experimenting with the boundaries of freedom. It was the sexual revolution, the time after Roe v. Wade and before AIDS, and there was enormous confusion about what it meant to be free."