links for 2011-03-28

  • "That image was shattered when a homemade video of Jayne and her ex-husband, Blaxploitation actor Leon Isaac Kennedy was stolen and released after their divorce. The tape of the two having sex made its round about Hollywood- albeit not nearly at the speed it would have now- and sent shockwaves through the rest of the country.

    "As the nation struggled to reconcile the woman on the video with the woman they had come to know, Jayne Kennedy’s career plummeted. Her once bright future in the Entertainment industry flickered out of view and eventually Jayne faded into obscurity, occasionally appearing on shows for the Christian Television Network."

  • "The Palestinian girl in question is author Rula Jebreal. Her novel on which the movie is based is a strongly autobiographical account of her youth in West Bank. She struggles between the indignation over the Israeli army’s actions against her people during the first Intifada and her longing for peace. Not surprisingly, Israel doesn't come off looking good in the movie. But Schnabel, who is Jewish, is unapologetic."