Open Call: Racialicious Youth Correspondent

Youth Culture

By Latoya Peterson

Readers, this was a long time coming – but we need to admit that Racialicious is missing some serious coverage in the “youth” category. And no, none of us on staff count anymore.

While the writers range in age from mid-twenties to early forties, and while we all have managed to stay young at heart (and completely addicted to YA fiction and film), it’s time to get some new blood in that is experiencing all of this for the first time – not those of us who are viewing everything through the lens of nostalgia.

Just on a personal level, I caught myself referring to Tony from Skins as a “broker Sebastian;” trying to measure all vampire lore against the Buffy yardstick, and looking at the trailer for Prom

… and not only thinking back with nostalgia (“haha suckers, the real world is closer than you think!”) but superimposing 90s end of high school movies over that trailer.

So we need someone young, bright, and opinionated to join the crew.

Just like with the TV Writer position, the same basic rules apply for the Youth Correspondent.

There’s no need for a CV, per se, but if you’re interested in the position, here’s a few useful things to discuss if you’d like to give this a shot:

* Why you want to write for us
* Your own history as a Racialicious reader
* Give us a taste of 2-3 stories you’d like to write

In this case, prior writing experience is a plus, but not required – we just want a really great voice that walks us through the world from a tween/teen/adolescent perspective.

Queries should be sent to