A Wednesday Moment Of Zen: Look Who’s Captain America

By Arturo R. García

Okay, so it doesn’t address the issues stirred up by Marvel Comics’ “Women Of Marvel” covers. But this variant cover to FF#5 by Skottie Young for the company’s “I Am Captain America” marketing campaign still made me smile.

Now, what are the odds that a) a person of color will figure into the actual comic and b) a woman of color will be depicted on another cover for the campaign? Well … Uh, isn’t this drawn nicely?


  • Anonymous

    Considering as there are already THREE Black Camptian America’s (of sort) in the Marvel Universe already… this is a cute cover, but the role of Black’s in the lore of Captian America has already been written.

    Either way, yes… Skottie is one of my fav artists.