links for 2011-03-22

  • "The film, which is British TV writer Joe Cornish's directorial debut, features a multi-culti group of five streetwise 15-year-olds who get their kicks by robbing folks and performing other petty crimes until they're confronted by an unexpected visitor(s). During one mugging, a meteor falls from the sky into their London 'hood. But when they kill the creature that was in the projectile, the crew is faced with more than they bargained for. That is, vengeful, black furry aliens. The action ramps up as the crew is forced to protect themselves and the local community.

    Yet what gives the movie its decided edge are the thick working class British accents and slang that the kids toss about. (Plus, there is some amazing nighttime photography.) The Hollywood Reporter even pointed to the language as one factor as to whether or not the 'Attack the Block' would get picked up for American distribution. Subtitles would be the obvious solution."