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    The death threats took things too far and really caused the turning point in this case, where now Ms. Wallace is perceived as the victim and the victims of her racism are either forgotten or downplayed. And the backlash against the racism and misogyny against Ms. Wallace just goes to show how necessary it is for POC’s to “take the high road” when faced with racist rants from whites. This taking the high road is unfair and unfortunate because it forces POC to suppress their emotions, while whites (especially white women) are allowed to get emotional all they want to get everyone on their side (hence white women’s tears). But it must be done just so POC can keep public scrutiny firmly upon the racist and not have it be directed back at them like in this case.

    • Anonymous

      Always having to be the model citizen, just to avoid becoming the target, sucks. We can never really be our full selves – with accepted human flaws – because if we don’t live up to this ultimate standard we’ll be discredited. What a bunch of bunk.

      And yet – it’s the way the world works.

  • Kat

    What I find so odd about the misogynist response is that it weirdly suggests that White men are not racist (cause Wallace is racist cause she has big boobs etc)… Riiiiggghhht… Very wrong conclusion.

  • JHKL

    If she was Asian, or worse, Black, people would want her head on a plate.
    There is much more tolerance for White people and they can get away with an apology and everything is fine..
    but had it been a Black woman she would have been called every name in the book, including the N word and received much more death threats, i’m pretty certain of that.

  • Sdlwp1

    It’d be just as legitimate to criticize a person of color. No one should be exempt from criticism for hateful, discriminatory, bigoted speech/language/etc. There are different sets of contexts, circumstances, and issues to be considered (e.g. factors such as “privilege”, education, wealth, etc.), but excusing someone’s ignorance isn’t necessarily productive.