links for 2011-03-10

  • "Ms. Gabriel, 46, who uses a pseudonym, casts her organization as a nonpartisan, nonreligious national security group. Yet the organization draws on three rather religious and partisan streams in American politics: evangelical Christian conservatives, hard-line defenders of Israel (both Jews and Christians) and Tea Party Republicans.

    "Ms. Gabriel says she is motivated not by fear or hatred of Islam, but by her love for her adopted country.

    “'I lost Lebanon, my country of birth, to radical Islam,' she wrote. 'I do not want to lose my adopted country America.'”

  • "The reaction was swift and fierce Tuesday after a former U.S. consul-general in Okinawa was accused of calling residents in the island prefecture 'lazy' and saying politicians there engaged in 'extortion.'"

    "The Okinawa prefectural assembly Tuesday unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the statements attributed to Maher and demanded a retraction and apology."

  • "As a whole, the second study suggested, newer generations are not significantly less inclined toward the arts ― instead, there just aren’t enough of them to go around. A much bigger problem, the analysis contends, is the dwindling, for reasons that are not clear-cut, of a specific kind of arts fan: the “omnivore” who relishes a wide range of attractions and attends far more frequently than others, accounting for nearly 60 percent of arts admissions.

    "The education study found that declines began with the generation that began school in 1972, coinciding with reductions in school budgets and the “back to basics” educational movement."

  • "Jones and Antonio say that with just a few million Indians in America, Hollywood doesn’t see big dollar signs when it looks at American Indian films. “That’s always the argument,” says Antonio. “Who are you going to sell it to?” Jones has a rebuttal to that argument, pointing out that there are some 30 million to 40 million people who claim some Indian ancestry.
  • Msd

    Re: Fewer Blacks, Latinos attending art events.
    You know, it doesn’t surprise me. As an art lover, and collage artist, I love art shows and love to be surrounded by artistic environments. HOWEVER, when I was in the states, regardless of my Prada, my brown face caused unnecessary attention at museums such as RISD, and other places. I always felt as if I wasn’t welcomed, interrogated, and watched. Only to have some of the more “liberal” people approach and have this somewhat patronizing vibe.

    There are loads of awesome Black and Latino artists! We haven’t lost the flavor! It’s just that many of us get this “feeling” when we go to some of these museums and events. If the so called “liberal elite” would stop being hypocrites and love the people as opposed to loving the race, perhaps we would participate more.

  • Seemee

    Brigitte Gabriel. Ugh. I am disgusted by these phoney Arab ‘insiders’ who can warn America of the dangers of Islam. Yes, we have infiltrated the CIA! WTF?!

    I am really starting to lose heart- the Muslim hearings in the US, banning non existent Shariah, increasing police detention times for terror suspects in the UK, the rise of the Right Wing in Europe….

  • AngryBroomstick

    re: the 1st link… ahhh kyriarchy has never been so fucking ugly.