links for 2011-03-08

  • "Nikko Burton, a 10-year-old student at Chapelfield Elementary in Ohio, says he was humiliated by his teacher when she tried to demonstrate what it was like to be a slave on an auction block. Burton, one of two black students in his class, was chosen to be a slave. Students who were the 'masters' inspected the 'slaves' to see if they would be able workers.

    "'The masters got to touch people and do all sorts of stuff,' Nikko said. 'They got to look in your mouth and feel your legs and stuff and see if you're strong and stuff.'"

  • Racializens, I'm not sure quite what to think about this analysis. Thoughts?–AJP "No one knows how unfunny addiction is more than black people. It's a tragic disease that devastates families and whole communities. We know crackheads. They are our neighbors. They are in our families. We are the ones who invented laughing to stop from crying over it. That's why even the cracked-out panhandler I just passed in traffic was shaking his head, no doubt finding some comfort and solace that someone is more self-destructive than he is.

    "There is plenty of evidence that white people do more drugs than we do. They just don't go to jail as often. And they also don't typically deliver the same profit margins when mass media converts their addictions into paychecks."

  • Not about race, but a deeper analysis of the intersection around this would be far more interesting, like mentioning that the Secret Millionaire is a white woman.–AJP "The message is clear: through hard work and determination, you can accomplish anything, regardless of your educational opportunities or social circumstances. In fact, there's really no excuse for you not to become a millionaire, as long as you're willing to 'boot-strap it' (baby). Far from being a safety net for those struggling to get on their feet, welfare is actually a shameful hell that should be rejected."
  • "Gallup’s answer: he’s a tall, Asian-American, observant Jew who is at least 65 and married, has children, lives in Hawaii, runs his own business and has a household income of more than $120,000 a year. A few phone calls later and …

    "Meet Alvin Wong. He is a 5-foot-10, 69-year-old, Chinese-American, Kosher-observing Jew, who’s married with children and lives in Honolulu. He runs his own health care management business and earns more than $120,000 a year."

  • Ladyguerita

    That teacher should lose her license and the mother should sue.