links for 2011-03-07

  • "For the study, the researchers surveyed black adults in Michigan. The results suggest the more the participants identified with being black–or the more being black was an important part of who they are–the more happy they were with life as a whole, Yap said.

    "The study also explored the reasons behind the connection. Yap said it may be fueled by a sense of belongingness – that is, blacks with a strong sense of racial identity may feel more connected to their racial group, which in turn makes them happy.

    "This sense of belongingness is especially important for happiness in women, Yap said."

  • "[Galliano's] reported behaviour has shocked France and the fashion world. Yet in what locals call the pletzl – 'little place' in Yiddish – it provoked little surprise. Local residents and traders say that the insult 'sale juif' (dirty Jew) is a fact of daily life; asking a local if they have suffered abuse provokes a quizzical stare as if you are trying to be funny. 'Bien sûr' ('of course') is the most common reply."

    "'It's stating the obvious,' says one kippah-wearing youngster in the Rue des Rosiers, the Jewish quarter's main street. 'We hear what Galliano said, or versions of it, every day, sometimes several times every day.'"

  • "Three hundred mostly north African migrant workers have refused to eat until the Greek government issues them with residency permits. The stand-off has put the socialist administration of George Papandreou increasingly on the defensive as the hunger strikers vowed to continue their protest into a sixth week."
  • Kat

    The first link could very easily be mis-used… I can so see that (“see, it says here, you shouldn’t identify as bi- or multiracial- it’s science!”)

    • Anonymous

      It could be misused, but then people who would misuse have to come to the article with the intention of misusing it. The authors of the study talked to people who self-identified as black, and then gauged their feelings on blackness and the importance of a black identity to their happines. And, especially given the noxious racial climate in MI (my home state), most black American people with no (immediate) other ethnicity tend to identify as black period of their own volition.