Score one for creative casting: Tracie Thoms in Wonder Woman Series

By Arturo R. García

Nice to see the team behind the new Wonder Woman show stepping outside “traditional” bounds here – it was announced earlier today that Tracie Thoms would be joining the cast as Etta Candy, personal assistant to the the Amazon superhero – more specifically to one of her secret identities, Diana Themyscira.

So far, reaction on Twitter has been positive, although you just knew somebody was gonna attempt to troll it up, and sure enough, here’s a comment from the thread at DC Women Kicking Ass:

wow they went from morbidly obese fat woman in the 40s and 50s, to the pudgey blond woman in the current (well formly current) series some random woman who looked like etta in the animated movie to this current woman? I’ve seen her in a horror movie before and she was killed and she’s blk this is going to cause a bit of backlash in the fandom world

That kind of reads like a set of derailment Mad Libs, doesn’t it? Luckily, this POV was quickly rebuffed in the thread. But we digress.

While writing my Chromatic Casting wish-list for the show, I expressed the hope that this version of the Etta character would, if the series indeed makes it off the ground, eventually hew closer to the version of Etta written by Gail Simone during her critically-acclaimed run on the Wonder Woman comic-book: not just an employee and ally of Diana’s, but a soldier and hero in her own right. That kind of versatility shouldn’t be a problem for Thoms, who had not only a memorable tenure playing Joanne in both the stage and motion-picture versions of Rent, but more than held her own in the heroic quartet in Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. More recently, she played Detective Kat Miller on the CBS show Cold Cases, and she has signed on to be part of the rotating ensemble cast for FOR THE RECORD: Baz Luhrmann, a stage show that debuts this Saturday in Los Angeles.

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy to see that she’s been cast, but it feels a bit like throwing us scraps, like, “Hey guys, there’s no way in hell that you can have a black Wonder Woman, so here, have a supporting character!

    (Also, personal assistant to the main character? Gah.)

  • Anonymous

    Fair point. But considering the character has always been white, re-imagining her as a PoC woman is an expansion in that sense.

  • AngryBroomstick

    that’s nice but im disappointed she’s casted in a supporting role, which is typical for POC and WOC. Disappointing.

    • Rhonda Yearwood

      True but Etta Candy IS a supporting character in the WW comics. She is not a lead. She is a great character though and I am looking forward to seeing how this show plays out. I hope it works! :)

  • Vonnie

    i looooove tracie, have since rent and especially in cold case….go miss thoms!

  • Brad Hanon

    As has been observed before, Etta Candy is a uniquely awesome heroine, and I’m glad to see some casting that puts a smile on my face. Ms. Thoms has been very cool in everything I’ve seen her in. It may seem like a messed-up thing to say, but I wish I could believe she’s going to gain some weight for the role. We all know that isn’t going to happen, but a person can hope.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    It’s probably good that they got Tracie to play the part. If they had gotten a fatter woman of color to play the part, well, then this would have happened:

    So it’s probably for the best.

    Nobody pay me any mind. I’ll just go sit in my corner… do my little push ups, until I lose enough weight to be as acceptable for TV as the new Etta…


  • Anonymous

    I’m ridiculously frustrated that anyone would even think that shit would fly on my blog. Other than that comment the response to my post on Thom’s casting has ranged from positive to extremely excited. Traci is a great actress and her casting makes me a tiny bit excited for the show.

  • Yunasai8612

    Go Tracie Thoms! Baltimore! Im thrilled for her