Open Call: Racialicious TV Specialist

By Arturo R. García

As you know, we’re always looking for contributors to discuss any variety of subjects. But there’s a couple of specific beats we’d like to see covered more thoroughly here at The R. So consider this a heads-up: we’re looking for someone to be our new television writer.

There’s no need for a CV, per se, but if you’re interested in the position, here’s a few useful things to discuss if you’d like to give this a shot:

  • What shows you’re watching these days
  • Your own history as a Racialicious reader
  • Give us a taste of 2-3 stories you’d like to write
  • Prior writing experience; links to prior efforts would be appreciated

Queries should be sent to Unfortunately, we can’t provide payment right now, but your columns will get viewed, and noticed, and there’s all sorts of connections to be made from there. After all, I got my start here reviewing really bad movies, and this has been one of the best experiences of my writing career. We’d love to see somebody else go through something similar.

  • Jazba_s

    Are you guys still looking for contributers for this/has this position already been filled?

    • Anonymous

      We are always looking for good talent.