links for 2011-03-03

  • "So there's a hot new club/bar/live-music venue called Prime 6 in the works down in the Atlantic Yards nexus at Flatbush and Sixth in Brooklyn, inciting the usual neighborly trepidation, because this club might play rap music. There is now a petition circulating, not to stop Prime 6 from opening, you understand, but just to suggest they find a . . . friendlier style of music. 'Indie,' for example, which'd make the place 'a vibrant artistic hub instead of another Yo MTV Raps 'bling-bling' vip club.' And here we go.

    "Let us allow for the possibility that this is performance art, but if so, this performance now has an audience, and blatantly smacks of The Great Savalas Rap Ban of 2010. So here's the full petition, which takes care to cite Park Slope residents as 'about the least 'racist'' people on the planet" (the petition's author is a huge rap and r&b buff, personally), while nonetheless asserting that 'hip-hop's violent history tragically precedes it.'"

  • "But she has come to this conclusion, which is what led her to contact me: Race matters more in senior-care decisions than people may recognize, or care to talk about.

    "Research has documented a number of racial differences. We know that black seniors have poorer health and greater disability than whites, on average, and shorter life spans. We know that black families are more likely than whites to share residences with elderly parents, which may be a decision driven in part by economic factors. We know that in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, a combination of heavily minority staffs caring for mostly white residents can lead to tensions."

  • "The Ray case highlights an outrage that's long existed for many Native Americans. They are tired of their traditions being co-opted by others and exploited for capital gain. They resent that a ceremony they view as sacred is now being tied to terms like 'death trap.' They don't want their ancient ways to be deemed fashionable or inspire impersonators."
  • "ask O'Roarke what she thinks the future holds for Travellers. She is worried. "That TV programme has put our work back 100 years. And if these women lose the little support they have, they literally will be left to rot."

    She is concerned that problems affecting Traveller women and girls, such as lack of education, forced and early marriage, and abuse within the home, are not being taken seriously."

  • "That instantly infamous clip of a drunken John Galliano letting his inner bigot out for a stroll has more in common with Eric Clapton's notorious Powellite rant (delivered from a Birmingham stage in 1976 and directly stimulating the founding of Rock Against Racism) than it does with any pseudo-decadent dabbling in Weimar chic induced by one too many viewings of Cabaret. Both disturb because they suggested that, tongues unlocked and inhibitions dissolved by alcohol, Galliano and Clapton were revealing their true feelings about certain groupings of their fellow humans: the sneering, hateful racist lurking beneath the veneer of civilised urbane sophistication."
  • Delux

    I am beyond tired of this happy horseshit. Exactly where do these people think children came to Brooklyn before they moved in, stork delivery? Its just now “family friendly” because they say so? Its a shame nobody told my mother and father before they raised me in such deleterious environs.

  • AngryBroomstick

    re: the 1st link: oh no! god forbid that (black) people come into their little precious neighborhood to enjoy some good rap music and have a good time. I dont know why, but this makes me think that a bunch of racist hipster douche-bags are behind this petition.