links for 2011-03-02

  • "Economics will be decisive in determining how the bills will play in each state. While anti-immigrant politicians have regularly played upon economic anxieties, the negative economic impact of bills like SB 1070 is starting to become clearer. The toll taken by opposition movements could be significant as well. The Center for American Progress estimates that boycotts agains Arizona in response to SB 1070 could cost the state more than $250 million in taxes, tourist spending and wages."
  • "The culture war being fought in newspapers and between activists highlights subtle changes in Indian society and an increasing willingness among some women to report domestic abuse. Women's groups say the campaign by men to change the law is nothing more than a backlash from those opposed to female empowerment."
  • "The mainstreaming of multiracialism hasn't just made it harder to define identity; it's raised the question of whether it makes sense to try to define it at all. More and more mixed-race individuals are calling for an end to the tyranny of racial algorithms, of the blood quantum that measures us by inherited fractions.

    "They're not, however, suggesting that race should be erased entirely: Attempts at "color-blindness" miss the practical realities that lie behind racial identities — the historical narratives they recount in shorthand, the social and political challenges they serve to benchmark, the cultural contexts they illuminate and enrich. As Quashie points out, race may simply be a construct, but so is a brick wall — and you ignore either at your peril."

  • "After reading The New Black Woman’s post, I can acknowledge that this initial understanding was influenced heavily by White privilege – I assumed that any reasonable person would realize that Rush Limbaugh is a racist piece of garbage without the class that Michelle Obama has in her little finger. What I didn’t think about was how a Black person would see it differently. And I think that’s the heart of the reason that White feminists haven’t called him out for racism about this comment. It’s (wrongly) perceived more as spitballs than cannon fire."
  • little mixed girl

    if one parent is mixed, say, japanese/white and the other parent is japanese, that’s different from someone who’s parents are of 2 different races.
    also, not all of us are mixed with only 2 races. there are people who are, say, korean, black and white or native american, black and white. the list goes on.

    i was also glad that that article highlighted that “mixed” doesn’t always mean white with some other race.

  • miga

    I’m glad that people finally mention that there are people who aren’t predominantly mixed with White in an article on multiracial folks. I’m glad they mentioned mixed people who aren’t biracial. That was the first article that really felt like it spoke to me.

  • Anonymous

    I tend to ignore everything that Rush says, because I know he’s an idiot who spouts hate on the regular. It’s always racist, sexist, baseless, or otherwise garbage about some group/person/idea. So I understand why folks wouldn’t necessarily jump up in arms for something he said about Michelle. Unless they jump up about other stuff Rush says and just skipped this one. That would be shady.

    It boggles my mind that anyone listens to him. It always has. I’ve never heard anyone spew more hate in my life. What kind of person would want to listen to that?

    Anyway – is Rush the kind of personality that should regularly get his @ss handed to him? (Yes, but…is it worth the trouble?) Am I too naive, thinking that the only people that listen to him wouldn’t listen to me anyway?