links for 2011-03-01

  • Racializens, what are your thoughts on this?–AJP "At present, however, a literature insisting that the problem of the 21st century remains the problem of the color line paradoxically obscures the economic and political problems facing many black Americans, unless those problems can be attributed to racial discrimination. If the nation's black citizens are suffering largely for the same reasons its white citizens are suffering, then that is a problem about which such politics has nothing to say. In the world we inhabit, discrimination stands out most blatantly as the problem to be addressed when you've got a lot of life's other problems whittled down to a manageable size…"
  • "Instead, the real head-scratcher is that as of Friday, there were reportedly no takers for the scholarship. Also, the organization offering the scholarship isn't some kind of hate group that would automatically stigmatize recipients. The website practically ties itself in knots driving this point home (a lengthy disclaimer includes, 'We do not advocate white supremacy, nor do we enable any individual that does,' and 'We have no hidden agenda to promote racial bigotry or segregation').

    "Perhaps it's that applicants (who, interestingly, must only be at least '25 percent Caucasian') might agree with Bohannan that claiming to need help based on being white and male just feels — with good reason — a little 'touchy.'"

  • Although the American-made documentary, “Strangers No More,” celebrates the school’s atmosphere of diversity and tolerance as it tries to integrate the children into Israeli life, there is an ominous subtext to the story that was not explored in the movie. Of the school’s 828 pupils, ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade, 120 are facing deportation with their families because they do not meet government criteria for obtaining legal status.

    "Despite all the school’s attention from the Oscar, Israel’s Interior Ministry said Monday that the government’s preparations for dealing with the children of illegal residents were in their final stages and that the plan would be carried out in the coming weeks."

  • "What if you find yourself homeless and jobless, trying to support yourself and a child on a mere $1,000? Could you recover?

    It's harder than it seems.

    Created by McKinney for non-profit charity organization Urban Ministries of Durham, North Carolina, Spent is a text-heavy flash game that places players in a desperate situation.

    As the game begins the player is given $1,000 and tasked with finding a place to live and a job to pay the bills."

  • Kat

    Did anyone else watch the latest episode of “The Good Wife”?! I couldn’t get over how something THIS offensive got okay’ed: So apparently (according to the makers of “The Good Wife”) you cannot be Swedish and Black at the same time… Well, I hope they let Black Swedish supermodel Sabina Karlsson know that she doesn’t actually exist. And Lena Sawyer needs to be sued for making an entire PhD thesis up: “Black and Swedish: Racialization and the Cultural Politics of Belonging in Stockholm”
    I find it so messed up that many Americans seem to believe that they have some odd “monopoly” on Blacks outside of America.