Quoted: Nawal El Saadawi on the U.S. Role in Egypt’s Revolution

TR: What role would you like the U.S. to play?

NS: I don’t expect the power or support or interference of anyone, of any government. We here in Egypt are fed up with U.S. colonialism. Obama is a pragmatic person and thinking of the interests of his country; I understand this. But now he is confused: One minute he supports Mubarak, one minute he doesn’t; one moment he is afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood, the next he is not. Now I believe in the people of Egypt only, I depend on the people of Egypt only.

~~Excerpted from interview with Rebecca Walker at The Root. Read the rest here.

Image Credit: myhero.com

  • Digital Coyote

    That’s okay: I really don’t want us to be involved in Egypt–or any of the other nations in turmoil at this point–at all. Fighting wars on too many fronts and all that.

    The President isn’t confused. He’s going to have to navigate a potentially ugly situation (Iranian military traveling the Suez; loss of support of an Arab-majority Middle Eastern nation in maintaining regional peace with Israel; potential legal action regarding Egyptian complicity in extraordinary rendition if or when Mubarak is completely ousted and more) irrespective of who is in office there. Playing nice to feel the situation, particularly one as mercurial as this, out is part of being pragmatic and developing sound long-term strategy.