links for 2011-02-18

  • Jane

    Also, apparently many black men in America put a chemical in their hair that contained lye. It was called “conk”. If this conk was used often and for a long time, it had the tendency to turn the person’s hair reddish. In his autobiography, he explained that that is where his nickname came from.

  • Jane

    Yes, but he’s part White, he had Scottish ancestors.

  • Anonymous

    Something about the Bitch Magazine article bugged me…I was with the author until ze started implying that white women are racially oppressed (the whole “if it’s wrong to rape a WoC then it’s wrong to rape a pretty white lady!”). That was just totally out of left field. It’s obvious to me that our society seems NOT to view rape of WoC as a crime, which is why we spend about 100000000000% more time discussing “pretty” white women. WTF, Bitch Mag.

  • Emmeaki

    I understand where the author is coming from about light skin being seen as good and dark skin as bad, but unless Beyonce doused herself in skin-whitening cream, then the author shouldn’t blame her. Blame the people who retouch or overexpose photos of black celebrities and make them look five shades lighter.

  • Maria

    While I do agree that Beyonce should really stop with the blonde hair, I do not believe she has changed her skin color. Some POC do have changes in skin tone. I know I look more pale in winter & I tan very brown in the summer. As I’ve grown older, my skin has grown generally darker. Also, the pictures used in the article are not very comparable.

  • Patty

    Regarding the Beyonce article: the side-by-side pictures were obviously taken in different lighting. Any person with brown skin knows that variances in ambient lighting, flash brightness and exposure can make you look 10 shades lighter or darker than you really are.

    The real question is, why are professionally staged photos of black female stars over-exposed to make them look lighter?

    Also, comparing Ella Fitzgerald (a jazz singer) to Tina Turner (a pop singer) makes NO SENSE AT ALL. Famous pop/rock singers have ALWAYS outsold famous jazz & standards singers. If you don’t believe me, just ask yourself this: who has sold more albums, Frank Sinatra or Elvis?

    • Michelle

      Way back when, jazz wasn’t the alternative music that it is now. During that time, many jazz standards were considered popular music, i.e. pop. And while Elvis has sold more albums, I don’t think you can attribute the difference to the type of music. And Frank Sinatra was a HUGE star in his day.

      Also, we have heard the whole “lighting” argument before, however, her hair is BLONDE, and LONG and STRAIGHT. So, it is not JUST the color of her skin, which is EXTREMELY fair.

  • AngryBroomstick

    I love the article on Beyonce and her whitened appearance. I agree with everything the author said. What is it with famous black & brown singers (Nicki Minaj, Li’l Kim, Beyonce, etc…) and their obsession with BLONDE hair??? Is there an unwritten rule that to make it in pop music, you gotta have blonde hair??!?!

    This is why I like Rihanna, she had black hair and then went straight to shocking red hair. I hope she never dyes her hair blonde, or she’s just gonna look like everyone else – a recycled blonde clone.

    The comments on that article are, once again, dismal and ignorant, dismissing all people of color’s struggles with having dark skin and dark hair. Sigh.

    • Ladyguerita

      I remember Shakira who had raven black hair before she crossed over to the American market and it is when she crossed over she dyed her hair! if an artist who is a WOC reaches a certain level of fame and she dyes her hair blond( e.g Christina Aguilera, Li’l Kim, Beyonce). That article is heartbreaking since I know to many girls that dye their hair blond. Even when I was child, I drew myself with blond hair and wanted to dye my hair. I only know a few artists that didn’t follow that route.

      • Annie

        Christina Aguilera isn’t a PoC–she’s half Ecuadorian and half White. Neither is Shakira–she’s Lebanese, Spanish and Italian.

    • Annie

      Well Rihanna might not have tied her hair blonde, but red hair is another color occuring naturally only among Caucasians–therefore, it’s kind of the same thing as Beyonce.

      • Anonymous

        Rihanna’s hair is fire engine red. That’s not a natural color on anybody.

      • Anonymous

        Red hair does occur in black people. I know b/c I know black people with naturally red hair. But yeah, the color she sports is . . . special. I have not seen such a color occur naturally in humans before.

    • Enter Name Here

      Actually Rihanna has gone blonde before:

      Rihanna and people like Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim change their hair colors and styles all the time. I think it has little do with obsession of blonde hair and more to do with trying to have an over the top persona.

      I’m not so bothered by black celebrities that go blonde or brown or whatever. Hell Mary J Blige has been blonde like forever and a day and she’s not as popular are Beyonce. Maybe I’m just tired of black women getting scrutinized for our hair all the time. It’s like we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t.