Site Updates 80% Complete

by Latoya Peterson

Whew. That was a horrific process.

Thanks to the readers for hanging in there, to Philip for fixing stuff on vacation, and to Arturo and Andrea for holding down the fort while I went and cried over coding.

Changes completed:

  • Excerpt length returns to a manual setting, so you can read the full first two or three paragraphs of a post
  • Sidebars have returned as normal
  • Updated logo
  • Changed commenting system to Disqus – no more site crashing, slow load time, or crashing Dreamhost 😛

Changes still in progress:

  • Header a little blurry – need to properly resize
  • Pages have disappeared from the front page, need to add them back
  • Changed to an updated version of the old theme – this should fix the visual accessibility issues, and brings us back to the one column scroll down format most folks are accustomed to.
  • Ad doesn’t fit new headerspace, need to resize and realign
  • No clean break between header and sidebars
  • Adding colors back into header/sidebar text

These tweaks will be made