Open Call For Nominees For The Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival

By Arturo R. García

Nominations are now being taken for the 4th annual Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival, scheduled to be held June 11 & 12 in Los Angeles.

In a release, festival organizers say they want to have this year’s award presentation to focus on nominees taken from the public, dealing with interracial/intercultural relationships, transracial/transcultural adoptions, and anyone who identifies as having biracial, multiracial, Hapa or Mixed identity. Categories include:

  • Best film or book depicting an interracial/intercultural relationship
  • Best film or book starring a person with a Mixed background
  • Best reveal of a person who is “passing”
  • Most historically accurate representation of the Mixed experience
  • Best commercial representing the Mixed experience
  • Best film or book representing the Mixed experience
  • Proudest Mixed moment of 2010
  • Your suggestions

Nominations may be submitted at the festival’s website thru Feb. 14, with voting to be held from Feb. 21 to March 7.