links for 2011-01-23

  • "On one hand the commercial painted Black women who exercise their right to choose as domestic terrorist who are a threat to the Black community and on the other hand MTV showed the reality of what it takes to make a serious decision such as abortion. I understand that the abortion issue is one that is heavily tied to people’s morals and faith system, but abortion is far more common than we would like to admit. According to Guttmacher research institute 1 out of 3 women in America has had an abortion. As women we know this statistic to be more than true because if you take mental inventory of your female friends than you know at least one friend who has an abortion or maybe you are that friend who has had an abortion. So if 1 out of 3 women have exercised their right to make the decision to terminate their pregnancy then why do so many people act as if abortion is something that only 'loose no moral women' indulge in?"
  • "Last fall, my professor said that a unit of profit requires exploitation. What she meant by this is that in order for someone to profit, someone else has to take a short.

    "Look at it like this, if you are working at Target, making $7 an hour, Target is making arguably $100 to $200 dollars an hour off of you. You are taking the short, and the corporation is keeping the rest.  What if you were able to keep more of the money you earned for them? Life would be different. On top of that, most of the items that we get from stores are from factories in China, Mexico, Haiti and the Phillipines where women work earning $2 per day. Again, those women are taking the short.

    "How do people pay for shit twice in the hood. Poverty is lucrative. People who own businesses in the hood make money charging incredible prices for the day to day things needed to survive."