Your New Action Heroes: Harry Shum Jr. and Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss Light It Up in 3Minutes

By Arturo R. García

Good news for Harry Shum Jr. fans who want to stay away from Glee: Shum and Stephen “tWitch” Boss have teamed up for a short, taut burst of kick-ass, 3Minutes, which was released online this week.

Checking in at exactly that length, the film’s premise is slim: Shum is charged with tracking down Boss in under the allotted 180 seconds. Shum is armed only with a gun. But things really get cooking once Boss finds an equalizer.

The video’s under the cut, and is NSFW for some violence, but Boss fans should be happy to note that he’s incorporated the flair of his So You Think You Can Dance? days into his battle with Shum.

Image courtesy of Angry Asian Man