links for 2011-01-06

  • “Prediction:
    Activism through design blows up even more in 2011. It’s already a growing trend with graphic design, architecture/urban design, product design. We’ll see even more projects like the DREAM Act and SB 1070 poster campaigns.

    Wish list:
    Reality shows, like the upcoming ‘K-town’ (buzzed as a Korean American “Jersey Shore”) be banned for life. That, and a housing market recovery.”

  • From Monianne, who sent in the link: “This does not mention race, but it is a factor in the clash in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit.”

    “Cooley, who was appointed by Mayor Dave Bing to chair the Detroit Works Project, an effort to chart the city’s future, co-founded a group called ‘The Conquistadors,’ which sent an e-mail in 2007 outlining its vision for improving Corktown.  

    “‘This (effort) includes … activism to stop the free handouts in our neighborhood that facilitate the drugs, crime and general malcontent that thrives from St. Peter’s to the Train Station to the Mission on Michigan,’ the e-mail said. ‘(We) are hoping to go talk to the people at the church next week and will give an update. We’ll try being nice first.’ 

    “Bill Wylie-Kellermann, who works at St. Peter, said he was angered by the e-mail. “‘Even the ‘nice’ approach is still about displacing people,’ he said.”