links for 2010-12-31

  • "'I absolutely could not believe the number of mistakes — wrong dates and wrong facts everywhere. How in the world did these books get approved?' said Ronald Heinemann, a former history professor at Hampden-Sydney College who reviewed 'Our Virginia: Past and Present.' The other book mentioned in the report was 'Our America: To 1865.'

    Heinemann added that the book 'should be withdrawn from the classroom immediately, or at least by the end of the year.'"

  • "A Facebook page has been set up by an ally of Sullivan publicizing the boycott of Bieber and several other pro-mosque celebrities. It has attracted nearly 500 fans.
    "Intrigued by the idea that Bieber would weigh in on one of the most polarizing political issues of the day, I began looking for his interview with Tiger Beat.

    "The magazine does cover Bieber obsessively ('Justin Bieber Dodges Dating Selena Gomez Question!' and 'Did Justin Bieber Grow a Mustache?' are two recent features). But I couldn't find any sign of an interview on Park51."

  • "The murals are part of a collection of eight works painted by George Beattie in 1956 depicting an idealized version of Georgia farming, from the corn grown by prehistoric American Indians to a 20th-century veterinary lab. In the Deep South, the history in between includes the use of slave labor.

    "'I don't like those pictures,' said Republican Gary Black, the newly elected agriculture commissioner. 'There are a lot of other people who don't like them.'"