links for 2010-11-20

  • "In a passage on perceptions of racial inequality in the United States, Palin slams President Barack Obama, who, she asserts, 'seems to believe' that 'America — at least America as it currently exists — is a fundamentally unjust and unequal country.'

    "And then she goes after Michelle Obama:

    "Certainly his wife expressed this view when she said during the 2008 campaign that she had never felt proud of her country until her husband started winning elections. In retrospect, I guess this shouldn't surprise us, since both of them spent almost two decades in the pews of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright's church listening to his rants against America and white people.'"

  • "Many things drive that alarming statistic. There’s the fact that African Americans as a whole are feeling the brunt of the recession more severely than other demographics. And then there’s the long list of other inequities that black youth face and that, in turn, make employment more difficult even in a good market: the high drop out rates and the uniquely aggressive policing of black neighborhoods, to name two.

    "But employment opportunities appear to be sparse even for black youth who have what it should take to get a foot in the door. Among youth with bachelor’s degrees, the 2:1 gap between the black and white unemployment rates remains the same."

  • "State Department spokesman Charles Luoma-Overstreet said the law has impacted relations between the United States and Latin American countries, becoming a topic of discussion "in all our interactions" with those nations.

    "'The countries in Latin America are already perceiving some distance and disengagement from the U.S.,' said Mauricio Cardenas, director of the Latin American Initiative at the Brookings Institution. '(The Arizona law) makes Latin America more and more interested in developing stronger relations with other parts of the world.'"

  • "Taylor said that it’s not easy being gay in a place with such deep ties to racism, homophobia and hate and that McDowell should be commended for creating a safe space for all students in his classroom. Michigan's assistant state attorney general was fired last week after he unleashed a series of anti-gay bullying campaigns against University of Michigan's openly gay and newly elected student body president."
  • "To reconnect with the public, Ouwehand believes they need to put themselves out there, swapping scary thoughts of English teachers with positive images.

    "The perceived reputation of foreign English teachers in Korea, fueled by the Anti-English Spectrum group and perpetuated by the media, had long been one of drinking, drug abuse, sexual promiscuity and disease."