links for 2010-11-17

  • “While it’s refreshing to see the magazine acknowledge the importance of Asian models in the industry, especially since Vogue has largely ignored Asian models in the past, it always seems easier for magazines to lump the girls in a feature like this, feel like the acknowledgment has been made, and then revert back to their usual ultra-white mix of models in subsequent issues. “
  • “Here’s the thing: Unless you yourself were living the same puzzle, I doubt you’d have been able to tell. As a daughter of hardworking, upstanding Asian immigrants, I kept my nails clean and my shoes shined. Summa cum laude? Check. Top-ranked graduate program? Check. Fiscally responsible? Check. Smile and banter? Check.

    This is not the profile of a suicide. Unless, that is, you are Asian American. Psychologists at University of California, Davis, are finding that — unlike every other racial demographic — Asian American college students suffering from severe depression and suicidal ideation don’t necessarily “present” with falling grades, sub-par performance. Instead, if there’s a correlation, it may be in the opposite direction. High-achievers, low resilience.”

  • Jay Smooth, writing for NPR. – LDP

    “It’s unfortunate that when it comes to race, it’s so difficult for us to focus squarely on the issues. When we talk about the war in Iraq and how President Bush handled that, the conversation will focus on his actions and whether he regrets those actions. But turning to the issue of Hurricane Katrina, the focus in the last week has tended to land squarely on how raising the issue of race made President Bush feel. As he told Today’s Matt Lauer, he felt “it was a disgusting moment, pure and simple.”