CCNC Comments on Maclean’s Article

By Arturo R. García

After our post on Friday regarding first post regarding Maclean’s Magazine’s “Too Asian?” article, we got an e-mail from Victor Wong, president of the Chinese Canadian National Council:

“Too Asian = Not Canadian”
We need to reject this concept.
There are also issues with using essentially a racist argument to justify
(white) entitlement ie. I don’t want to go to U of T because it’s too Asian
– a killjoy.
It bothers me that a national weekly of Maclean’s reputation would publish
such a headline and poorly written/researched article.
Most parents – of all backgrounds – enjoy a white-knuckle anxiety moment as
their child opens up an admissions letter from U of T. They’d never think to
bypass an excellent school because it’s “too Asian.” Many students of all
backgrounds have criticized the article – check out the comments under the
Maclean’s article online – there’s more than 700 comments.

As of late Sunday night, the number of comments had grown to exceed 1,500. And the story has led not only to responses like the Asians Not Studying tumblr, but it’s been picked up by other sites. From Wild Unicorn Herd:

… Like, “we” realized that racism is wrong so we abandoned the policies that kept out the Jews…which meant we were forced to let in the Asians! God damn you, political correctness! Because we have nothing to fear from a lot of Jews (who are all white Europeans, of course), but a majority of Asians (who may not even be born in Canada! who may *clutches pearls* speak Mandarin!) is a problem that needs to be fixed.

I also love how Asian students associating mainly with other Asian students is a HUGE PROBLEM HOW CAN WE STOP THIS but White students who go to Western because there’s too many icky Chinese at U of T is understandable, y’know?

And by “love” I mean SMASH WITH RAGE.

For its’ part, Jezebel took exception to the reporting choices by Nicholas Kholler and Stephanie Findlay, who wrote the article:

Why didn’t they talk about all groups, including white students, rather than focusing in on (a stereotyped and oversimplified version of) Asian students? Why did they base a whole thesis of anti-Asian resentment on a few quotes by white kids who wouldn’t go on the record?

As of this writing the post remained up on Maclean’s website with no further commentary from either the magazine or the reporters.

Video courtesy of Asians Not Studying & Restructure!