links for 2010-11-14

  • "The reason why I talk about intersectionality in animal rights is because I have often felt alienated from it.

    "I am bisexual and ethnically Chinese, and I grew up economically not that well-off (though I am now a middle-class hipster).

    "I come to animal rights from environmentalism.

    "All of these things intersect for me, because what it means is that I deviate from the 'norm' within animal rights. In animal rights, and also within veganism, terms that are frequently used, as they are in many movements, are things like ‘normal,’ and ‘exotic,’ and I’m usually positioned outside of these terms."

  • "This Latino-centric immigration narrative, while reflective of the population and a key to Hispanic political empowerment, excludes many who also have a stake in this debate.

    "'It is really frustrating to be mostly left out of the conversation,' said Karen Narasaki, president and executive director of the Asian American Justice Center, which advocates for the rights and interests of the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities. 'Mostly it's because the Asian-American vote is missing — the media do not sample the Asian vote to tell what we're really voting on.'"

  • "As evidence of the ongoing problem, Justice officials pointed to two LAPD officers who were unknowingly recorded during a conversation with a supervisor being dismissive of racial profiling complaints.

    "'So, what?' one said, when told that other officers had been accused of stopping a motorist because of his race. The second officer is heard twice saying that he 'couldn't do [his] job without racially profiling.'"