Monday Round Up: Racial Fashion Faux Pas, Ethnic is the New It “Color”

by Latoya Peterson and Andrea Plaid

Via Claire at the Fashion Bomb, French fashionistas are boycotting the beauty brand Guerlain due to racist comments made by Jean Paul Guerlain. The Fashion Bomb explains:

When talking about working on a fragrance, he said “I put myself to work like a [n-word]. I don’t know if the [n-words] have always worked hard, but…” [“Je me suis mis à travailler comme un nègre. Je ne sais pas si les Nègres ont toujours tellement travaillé mais enfin…”]
The actual word he used was nègre, which, translated, could mean anything from negro to coon to the n-word.

Also, in fashion faux pas, Threadbared points out yet another ad featuring a white model in blackface:

blackface model ad

Stylite notes:

Numero’s issue #117 features an editorial starring fair-skinned and typically tow-headed model Constance Jablonski — except, in this case, she’s wearing afro wigs that vary in shades from chocolate brown to blonde and her skin has been decidedly bronzed, if not entirely darkened. The most eye-catching accessory in the shoot might be her co-star: a young, diaper-swaddled black child.

The spread has a late ’60s, early ’70s vibe, with no shortage of nods to hippie culture and style. We’re no experts, and we can’t decide if we’d categorize this spread as an example of blackface. Jablonski’s skintone and hair vary several different shades throughout the editorial, but one thing is for sure: if they wanted, at any point, to use a black model, then Numero should have hired one.

Via reader Sarah, we find out “ethnic” is the new color of the season, according to Fabric Trends magazine:

ethnic is the new color