Monday Morning Music Video Thread: Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake and Wayne Brady

By Arturo R. García

Just because you enjoy something doesn’t mean you’re able to do it. Example: I’m an NCAA basketball fan. Doesn’t mean I’m qualified to run the point at Cameron Indoor Stadium anytime soon.

By that same token, though I’m willing to believe that Jimmy Fallon sincerely enjoys hip-hop, well, somebody should’ve stepped in before this Late Night With Jimmy Fallon sketch made air:

There’s little doubt that The Roots are to Fallon what steroids were to Alex Rodríguez – performance enhancers for an otherwise bland personality. And Timberlake is still genuinely more humorous than virtually the entire cast of SNL these days. But otherwise this whole thing came off like Ludacris’ “Greatest Hits” skit from long ago. Also, I have to wonder how many of Fallon’s fans follow The Roots beyond their appearances on Late Night. Think a lot of them rushed out to buy the group’s collaboration with John Legend?

From the allegedly amusing to the downright weird, your friends’ Facebook pages probably blew up Friday when the Wayne Brady-Mike Tyson team-up hit the web. On the surface, the idea of Brady doing a ’90s riff should’ve been a home run; all he really needs to pull off a Brown impersonation is a fade wig, since anybody who’s seen him on Whose Line Is It Anyway? or playing Billy Flynn in a production of Chicago a few years back knows that musical comedy is one of his strengths.

And then Tyson appears and the vibe just sort of fades out. The key question here is, what’s so damn funny about Mike Tyson doing anything? The same question came to mind watching him appear in The Hangover. Okay, so he can’t dance. Lulz? Is the joke that he’s being shown chasing after young women? ‘Cause that’s an image we want to revisit, right? And then there’s Bobby Brown, looking more like ODB every year. Huh? Help me out here, dear reader(s). Is this Brady trying to play at being “from the ‘hood” again? ‘Cause that’s been done more effectively elsewhere …