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  • TWI: Are you preparing to explain the cuts to SNAP recipients? Are we going to have to prep them, so they know their budget is getting tighter?

    Berg: I won’t know what there is to say. I’m rarely at a loss for words. But what do I say to these people? You were screwed? You were shafted? Your children have less food? I couldn’t look in some one’s eyes and tell them that, and I don’t know how a senator could either. What do you say? Your kid’s need for food was temporary?

  • Related to link about Jessie Little Doe Bird. David Simon, writer of "The Wire" and "Treme" won, along with Gordon-Reed, others. –AP

    "[P]rominent storytellers this year include Annette Gordon-Reed, 51, whose book 'The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family' (W. W. Norton) won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize in History and the 2008 National Book Award for nonfiction. Ms. Gordon-Reed investigated the story of the slave family that included Sally Hemings, a slave owned by Jefferson who scholars widely believe bore his children. A New Yorker, Ms. Gordon-Reed teaches law and history at Harvard. Some of her grant will go toward travel expenses as she researches another book on the Hemings, she said."

  • "Baird, 46, is one of 23 grant winners announced today by the nonprofit foundation. For the past 17 years, outside the media spotlight shining on her today, she has resurrected the long-silent language of her Wampanoag tribe, once spoken by tens of thousands in southeastern New England.

    "'It's just such an honor for my nation, for my tribe. It's just such an honor for all of us,' Baird said from her home in Mashpee, Mass., where her phone rang nonstop today. 'It's pretty crazy around here,' said the still-stunned linguist and teacher."

  • "For those living in a very dark hole, HBO’s new drama is produced and occasionally directed by Martin Scorsese. Set in Atlantic City at the beginning of Prohibition, the show follows corrupt politician and gangster Nucky "Steve Buscemi" Thompson as he claws his way to the top. Like 'Mad Men', the series takes us back to another popular decade for Halloween costume ideas. Unlike 'Mad Men', 'Boardwalk Empire' will have a black character with a life of his own. Fans of 'The Wire' collectively pissed their pants to see Michael Kenneth Williams (better known as Omar) portray Chalky White “the de facto Mayor of Atlantic City’s African-American community”, which at the time was twenty percent of the vote."
  • "It was not Bridget they blamed, but me: the fact it took a white woman to make me happy was evidence of how far I had strayed from who I once was. 'There's nothing Muslim or Pakistani about you,' my brother said. 'You can write books about how much your family mean to you [he was referring to my childhood memoir, Greetings from Bury Park] but we know the truth. The only time you even think about Islam is when you are in the media pretending to be a Muslim.' Despite their fierce disapproval, my family would still be attending the wedding. It was important the family be represented, out of duty if not support."
  • "It all leaves immigrants like our Filipina nursing aide struggling toward her aspirations—dreams that benefit us all—while living under a continual racist assault. Here we come to another wrinkle in the aging crisis. Grandma isn’t just using her Medicare benefits to give her aide a steady job; she’s also feeding a massive flow of remittances to transnational families in the Global South. Immigrants transferred hundreds of billions in wealth to developing countries in 2009 alone, according to the Migration Policy Institute."
  • "It repeats themes found in all four suits—that Long mined his youth ministry for young men with emotional holes in their lives; took them under his wing as a father figure and spiritual mentor; brought them into his celebrity world with international trips and expensive gifts, and then moved the relationship into sex.

    None of the young men had spoken beyond their court filings until last night, when Atlanta’s Fox affiliate, WAGA-TV, cornered Parris in the parking lot of a grocery store in Colorado, where he now lives. The interview is wrenching and feels utterly genuine. More than anything else, Parris appears as a person who is confused and deeply hurt by a lost love. He repeatedly professes unabashed love for Long—and in the next breath describes him as a monster. "

  • "Yonatan Shapira, currently a member of left-wing group Combatants for Peace, said he was treated "brutally" by Israeli soldiers when the ship was intercepted some 20 miles (30km) off the coast of Gaza on Tuesday.

    "I got shot with a Taser shock gun… and was brutally treated just like my brother Itamar. We were detained pretty violently," he told Reuters news agency."

  • "Though the official cause of death is still under investigation, colleagues noted that he had been despondent since August’s teacher rankings were made public.

    At a memorial held at the school this week, parents and students remembered Ruelas as a tireless instructor; someone from the community who cared deeply about his students’ lives both inside and outside of the classroom.

    “He took the worse students and tried to change their lives,” Ismeal Delgado, a 20-year-old former student told Southern California Public Radio. “I had friends who wanted to be gangsters, but he talked them out of it. He treated you like family.”

  • "Cameron, who was born in Ontario, Canada, met privately with aboriginal leaders and residents of Fort Chipewyan, Alberta, on Tuesday to discuss the community's concerns about the connection between high cancer rates and water, air and wildlife pollution stemming from ongoing exploration and extraction of oil sands, according to The Vancouver Sun."

    "I will be meeting with [Alberta] Premier [Ed] Stelmach tomorrow and I will be doing a press conference afterwards to get the word out there about what's happening here," he told the paper. "Hopefully we can make a difference and get things moving in the right direction. It's going to be a fight, as I'm sure you know. But if you all stand together and work together with the other First Nations, I think we can draw a line in the sand here."

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