Hot Hot Heat: Michelle Rodriguez Shoots ‘Em Up In Citizen Jane

Citizen Jane Fantastic Fest Teaser from citizenjane on Vimeo.

Note: Video is potentially NSFW (gunfire and one profane word).

By Arturo R. García

It took Michelle Rodríguez all of 15 seconds to make me forget about Machete, thanks to this teaser video for Citizen Jane.

The twist here, according to Brendon Connolly at Bleeding Cool, is that Jane is more than it appears to be:

Michelle Rodriguez has a small role in Aaron Burns’ coming of age comedy Blacktino. We know Burns is something to do with these Citizen Jane materials as /Film spotted that Burns’ name was hidden, as an anagram, on the film’s website. I’ve had an old casting call for Blacktino for a while now, and that is where the crucial clue is hidden.

Here’s a listing for one of the characters, verbatim:

CHARLOTTE – FEMALE – 20-30 – Any Ethnicity. Violet Vogue is a famous actress. She is classic Hollywood gorgeous. Athletic action heroine. She’s a character in a fake movie trailer.

Also appearing in the same trailer will be:

PROFESSOR POMPEII – MALE – 40-60 – Any Ethnicity. Mad Scientist. Crazy hair. He’s a character in a fake movie trailer.

So even if Jane is a movie within a movie, here’s to hoping Rodríguez gets some fun sequences. Also, to coincide with the video’s screening at Fantastic Fest in Austin, she took part in a debate with festival head Tim League that quickly, uh, degenerated: