links for 2010-09-28

  • The No Wedding No Womb event, in which dozens of bloggers wrote essays lamenting the high number of black children born out of wedlock, is just the latest example of [the 'salvific wish']….There are reasons besides the push’s barely masked antifeminism to be ambivalent about this whole endeavor. The movement has the stunty feel of holding funerals for “nigger” or stomping on hip-hop CDs (‘member those?) with explicit lyrics; it’s taken a tricky issue and reduced it to a bunch of folks being showily indignant.
  • "Some vanilla flavored or young POC transperson will read my stuff blasting the erasure and trot out various spin lines such as 'we're a small community', 'we're one people' accuse me of being 'too fixated on race' to deflect the reality that as a subset of the larger culture, the trans community is infected by the same ills and isms of the dominant culture.

    "And one of those isms that we don't grapple with enough is dealing with racism."

  • "Such is the case with the images and videos forwarded by Mr. Paladino to a wide variety of people. The public should know about these mailings, and Mr. Paladino should give a full, thoughtful explanation of why he trafficked in such filth.

    "Example: A doctored photo of President and Mrs. Obama showing the president in a stereotypical pimp’s costume holding the hand of the first lady, who is dressed as a prostitute in a grotesquely revealing outfit."

  • "Reps. Duncan and Moore’s 'us vs. them' mentality exemplifies the mainstreaming of extreme right-wing Islamophobia. Once hawked by fringe figures, the 'creeping Sharia' delusion is finding champions among staunch conservative leaders like former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, whose crusade against all-things-Islamic culminated in his call for 'a federal law that says sharia law cannot be recognized by any court in the United States' at the Value Voters Summit this month."