links for 2010-09-27

  • "Gamers indulge in this out-of-body experience every time they pick up a controller.  Unfortunately, it also describes how gamers feel when they are bullied by other online gamers. 

    "Gamers are misusing the live online communication feature on Sony's Playstation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 by shouting racial slurs and life-threatening attacks.

    "Online attacks have become so intense that they cause people like 21-year-old Kender Massillon, a third year accounting student from Orlando, to refrain from gaming online.

    "'Go kill yourself nigger,' include one of the many racist remarks he has received."

  • "There is an incredible new study out, which confirms the inherent weakness and actual dangers of colorblindness as a way to challenge racism. According to the researchers from Northwestern, Stanford and Tufts, taking a colorblind approach with young children — such as instructing them to “focus on what makes us similar” rather than dealing constructively with difference and challenging bias directly — actually reduces the likelihood that those young people will recognize discriminatory behavior when it occurs, or seek to do something about it."
  • "Not surprisingly, attitudes varied from group to group. Respondents with higher incomes tended to still believe in the dream more than those with lower incomes. Similarly, the college educated were bigger believers than the less educated. Independent voters believe less than either Democrats or Republicans, and Americans who live in the West are significantly more likely to believe than those in the Rust Belt. Reflective perhaps of varying levels of expectations — or sense of entitlement — nonwhites are more likely to believe in the dream than are whites."
  • "In 1970 Psychology Today published a board game where players were divided into white and black, and had to make economic progress while competing with each other. Based on Monopoly, the idea was to demonstrate how the odds were stacked against black people in society by having different rules for each race in the game."
    Whites started out with $1 million, blacks with $10,000 and each race had different opportunity decks. While whites could buy property in any part of the board, blacks were limited to certain areas until they had accumulated at least $100,000 and were outright banned from property in the ‘suburban zone’.
  • “'It is unbelievable that a person holding such a responsible position can make such a statement,' said J. Anand, vice president of a New Delhi travel agency. 'Hygiene is hygiene, whether it is in India or anywhere else. I feel embarrassed by that statement.'”
  • "While applauding the sale of local produce in stores, farmers' market supporters say the main point is for farmers to sell freshly harvested goods directly to shoppers, which they say is more profitable than using stores and distributors as middlemen. Farmers generally earn money at markets, and the ones where they don't quickly disappear. Most markets charge a small fee to participate; a farmer's profit margin there is typically around 90%, compared with about 10% on sales to a supermarket. Farmers have to pay for transportation and other expenses when they sell at a market and take time away from the farm."
  • "First, I cannot help but wonder if this explains the disconnect between Black women and our bodies – the fact that a large number of us went out of our way to stop paying attention to our bodies because we were too busy trying to make ourselves less appealing to harassers. Furthermore, I notice that there’s a lot of discouragement during the ages where young girls are supposed to be learning about and understanding their bodies… to do exactly that. I wonder if we are, in a roundabout way, encouraging harmful behavior in our daughters because we are trying to discourage male attention… and beyond that, sexual harassment and assault?"
  • "A "fearsome" muscle-bound Hell's Angel called 66-year-old Keith DeGroot a "fucking Jew" and knocked his eyeglasses off. So "Cockney Keith" broke the guy's skull with his walking stick. This glorious underdog victory will cost Keith 18 months in jail."