links for 2010-09-23

  • "I’m tired of it. I’m tired of being considered community property just because some men think my skin color makes me a member of a secret harem and I owe them the time of day and some pussy and a blow job.

    "Next time you have the urge to break your neck to speak to a woman in the street ask yourself would you put the same effort into greeting a male? If not, chances are your attempt at displaying ‘manners’ is a thinly veiled opportunity to show a strange women that you noticed she had a vagina rather than a gesture of common courtesy. Let’s call it what it is. 

    "On behalf of all women, but especially BLACK women, I am officially calling your sexist, intrusive, abusive behavior for what it is…Sexual Harassment.

    "I don’t owe you shit, not a response, not a smile, not eye contact and definitely not a chance to gain access into my personal life. I’m a person and I deserve to be treated like a human."

  • "But Hassoun’s downfall apparently was also the result of his friendship with an American Arab who was secretly working as an undercover source for the FBI. The unnamed individual contacted the FBI last year after Hassoun told him of his intentions. FBI involvement helped insure that instead of placing a real bomb in the backpack, a non-explosive device was used instead."
  • "In a time of widespread joblessness, Mexicans in New York have proved unusually adept at finding and keeping work. Of the city’s 10 largest immigrant groups, they have the highest rate of employment and are more likely to hold a job than New York’s native-born population, according to an analysis of the most recently available census data. They are even employed at a greater rate than Mexicans nationwide." 

    "That success, though, has a flip side. One reason Mexicans have found work in such numbers, experts say, is that many are [undocumented residents], and less likely to report workplace abuses to the authorities for fear of deportation."

  • "A friend disgusted by this cake sent me a picture. I was appalled and needed to write about it.

    "The half-eaten cake is a baked replica of what a slum looks like to India's large middle class and its rather small elite. A river seems to run through it in blue icing but a careful look reveals it is a nallah or a sewage-filled open drain – the trademark of neighbourhoods where India's urban poor build their makeshift homes. A clothes line full of washing can also be seen among the remains of the cake.

    "Apparently, this was the idea of Shabana's husband, who thought it would be amusing."

  • "And some of it was pretty silly, the sensitivities, invariably, of white critics. A white lady came up to me and said 'You have a joke about Indian food, are you worried about that being offensive?' And I thought, you know, my college roommate is Indian, and he's a doctor. And when he goes to India, he brings antibiotics with him. No, I'm not worried about making a joke about Indian food. So some of it, I just take with a grain of salt. And the others, I just hope people give us a shot and see a few episodes."