Announcements – $20,000 for Black Media Web Projects, Elevator Pitch 2010, Poc In Fandom, Asian American Entrepreneurs

by Latoya Peterson

Black Public Media

Things are kind of a whirlwind – I just finished a big project pitch at the Corps (more on that later this week) and I am preparing to head to Facing Race this week! Should be a fun time, but I didn’t want to let these announcements slide since they deal with fandom, jobs, and funding for projects.

Black Public Media Web Producer Project – $20,000 for interactive web series (DUE DATE: SEPTEMBER 27) also supports the production of interactive online content designed to engage any audience interested in African Diaspora content online. You can download the annual Web Series Open Call guidelines for 2011 here.

The Open Call awards project requests of up to $20,000 for interactive web series concepts; genres of content are Social Satire, Narrative Fiction, and News & Documentary. Download the guidelines for more details on categories. Selected projects will be published on, made available for public broadcasting options, and executive produced by the National Black Programming Consortium.

More information can be downloaded here.

Harvard Asian American Alumni Pitch Project (Due Date: SEPTEMBER 22)

This email was sent to me by Jeff Yang:

Sorry for the mass email, but I wanted to make sure you know that the deadline for the Harvard Asian American Alumni Summit’s ELEVATE Pitch Contest is coming up on September 22 — so if you’ve got an awesome idea (fresh, half-baked or in progress) that you’re interested in turning into a reality, consider submitting it today!

ANYTHING that’s fundable is eligible, from a business idea to a social or nonprofit initiative to a media, arts or entertainment project.
The catch: You need to be a Harvard Asian American alum, student, facultymember or staffer — or you need to partner with one.

The reward if you win: One of three prizes — valued collectively at over $25K — in cash and in-kind awards.

The application is just one page long, with an optional video. It’ll take you less than an hour to do. If you’re picked to proceed, there’s a semifinal round of presos over the web, and then a final round of eight who need to present live at the Summit itself, on October 16, at Harvard University. Of course, if you get to the finals, you have nearly a 50% chance of getting an award.
What do you have to lose? Not much. What do you have to gain? Check out the ELEVATE Pitch Contest site to find out.

Thanks — and please forward this along even if you’re not interested yourself!

More information is on the Elevate Pitch Website.

After the jump, a possible black startup competition, a peer reviewed call for minorities in fandom, the chance to help young entrepreneurs, and a radio gig.

Black Start Up Weekend?

Gina, who stays incubating ideas, is trying to gauge interest for a black start up competition.  She writes about her experience at Start Up Weekend, noting:

For the most important question, were there any Black people.  There were three Black people in the room and after doing the local startup circuit thing for about two months, y’all are just going to have to get over seeing other Black folks in the room. I of course was the only Black woman and there were only four other women present. Again, if its tech related, you’re going to be outnumbered. […]

I definitely got my $75 worth. I met some new people. Made great contacts. Learned a bunch about the mythical world of startups (It’s not rocket science). Most important, I can OWN MY EXPERTISE.

So next year we’ll be hosting Startup Events for Black Folks in various cities in the US. Do some “market evaluation” and take this survey if you would be interested in attending an even near you.

Head over to the site and take the survey if you’re interested in a Black Start Up weekend.

Race and Fandom Call for Submissions

Transformative Works and Cultures is looking to discuss race and fandom.  Here’s the call:

Transformative Works and Cultures, an online-only, peer-reviewed journal focusing on media and fan studies, broadly conceived, invites contributions for a special issue on race and ethnicity to be published in summer 2011.

Academic scholarship on fan cultures and fan productions over the past few decades has focused primarily on gender as the sole category of analysis. There has been little published scholarship on fan cultures and productions that incorporates critical race theory or draws on the rich array of methodologies that have been developed during the past century in both activist and academic communities in order to incorporate analysis of the social constructions of race and ethnicities in fandoms.

In contrast, fan activism and fan scholarship (at cons, workshops, and on the Internet) has produced a growing body of work (personal narratives, essays, carnivals, and in recent months, a press) focusing on not only analyzing but also confronting hierarchies of race and ethnicity and their relationship to gender, sexuality, class, and disability. Submissions by academics, acafans, fan scholars, and fans are encouraged. In all categories, people of color are especially encouraged to submit.

Topics might include but are not limited to:

*Online activism and the circulation of critical race theory and women of color feminisms in fan communities, in particular the relationship between fan online discourse and other online activist communities.

*Critical analysis of the instantiation and critique of racial hierarchies in fan communities and the surrounding cultural productions.

*Racist and antiracist issues in commercial transformative works (comics, film, mashups, remixes, machinima, etc.), especially recuperative race readings (e.g., Randall’s The Wind Done Gone, Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea).

*Race concerns in source texts (characters of color and their fannish reception, fandoms for work by authors of color, writing fannish original characters, etc.) and fannish responses (such as the Carl Brandon Society, Verb Noire, and other panfannish and professional projects).

*Intersection of race and ethnicity with gender, sexuality, class, and ability in fannish contexts in fan works and fan communities (pre-Internet, Internet, conventions, vids, fan fiction, artwork, etc.)

More information and submission guidelines can be found here.

Vote on Young Entrepreneurs!

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship has partnered with E-Trade to present Elevator Pitch 2010.

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship provides a highly experiential and academic program that inspires young people from low-income communities to plan for successful futures by pursuing educational opportunities and starting their own businesses.

Now we’re giving our most biz-savvy students from around the country their first big break: 30 seconds to sell their idea to the world, in an online “elevator pitch.” Vote for your favorite idea, and that student could win the cash they need to get their idea off the ground or advance their education.

The nominee who earns the most online votes from the general public will win $2,500 to go toward advancing their education, or getting their idea off the ground. The winner will be announced at the OppenheimerFunds / NFTE National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge 2010 on October 5, 2010 and posted online on October 6, 2010.

Each of the businesses is the brainchild of a high school or middle school student from a low-income community who learned about starting his or her own business from the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship’s unique, experiential curriculum. Each nominee is either the owner or co-owner of his or her business. Local and regional panels selected the youth-led businesses to participate in the national competition.

To learn more, see the pitches, and vote, go here.

Radio Job

Making Contact /National Radio Project seeks a part-time (20 hours/week) radio producer with a passion for public-interest community media.

We see media as a powerful tool to help create a world where peace and social justice are paramount.

National Radio Project is a nonprofit media organization that produces the weekly, nationally syndicated, progressive radio series Making Contact. Our high quality public-affairs and documentary radio programs are broadcast on 139 radio stations in the U.S., Canada, and South Africa; thousands more listen via our website and podcasts. Our award winning work has been recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists Northern California Chapter, among others.

We seek an energetic, passionate, organized team-player with solid experience. The candidate should understand the craft of long-format feature production as well as the art of a good in-depth interview.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, please send them to this website.

Have an announcement for a proposal, RFP, project, or event you want to publicize that deals with race, pop culture, social empowerment?  Send an email to with the subject heading “Announcements.”

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