links for 2010-09-16

  • "I had to press about the choice of her less-than-flattering wig and also why they chose to feature just her face instead of a full body shot. He said, 'Well Gabourey came with her own hair, I had nothing to do with the hair,' he explained, 'And with the crop of the photo, we thought it best reflected her bubbly personality. When she comes into a room, she’s not Precious. She’s talkative, bright, and a total movie star. I chose the green dress because I wanted her to look like a Hollywood Starlet. And we chose this shot because I felt she carries most of her spirit and personality in her face.'"Sounds like a solid explanation.
    What do you think?
  • "Race is not mentioned at all. Not suggested. Not thought about. Not discussed. Not ironically, as a tongue in cheek allusion to Britain’s first black detective. Not as an issue that grounds reality. Luther dashes around the city with a gun, at one point he runs down a busy high-street at night with it in his hands. No policeman stops this black man, no white ladies shriek. I think you can only get away with that blanket silence, in a post-racial world."
  • "As of last week, insider reports reveal that Wilson went haywire when a producer tried to replace a shot in one of his TV packages. Wilson reportedly "yelled" and "kicked a chair." The producer then went to Human Resources to report the incident. Next thing you know, Diane Brandi, of legal affairs in New York, comes to Washington. Sources say Fox News employees said they wouldn't feel comfortable if Wilson returned to Fox News. One woman told HR that "it's the corporate culture that covers up for these white men behaving badly."