Friday Announcements: The Black Girl Project Premiere

Black Girl Project ad

My fab pal, the incredible Aiesha Turman, is premiering (and fundraising for) her documentary, The Black Girl Project, tonight at 7PM at the Spike Lee Screening Room at Brooklyn campus of Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY.

In Aiesha’s own words, from an interview with Arielle Loren at Zora & Alice:

Z&A: Tell us about The Black Girl Project. What inspired you to film this documentary?
The Black Girl Project is both a documentary film and a non-profit organization. I have worked with young people in New York for over a decade, with the past few years being dedicated primarily to high school students. It was in this work, I began to hear the stories of young women, many of whom were outwardly accomplished, but were dealing with a lot of issues from homelessness to sexual assault and depression. I was lucky enough to be trusted enough by them that they would talk to me. Their lives reminded me of mine as a teenage girl. I was highly accomplished academically, but when it came to dealing with issues, many of which were shared with my peers, I turned inward for fear of embarrassment or disappointing my parents. The non-profit is an outgrowth of the film and my commitment to helping young women reach their fullest potential.

Z&A: Who are the young women involved in The Project? What are their stories and backgrounds?
The young women in the film are all from Brooklyn. They ranged from high school seniors to college sophomores. The girls are very diverse in their experiences; they faced everything from homelessness to poor self esteem and feeling ostracized. However, others had amazing life coping skills and were doing well. My intent was to show Black girls as being more complex than what we see in the media and I think I accomplished that.

A sneak peek of the doc:

Tickets are $25. They can be purchased here and at the door.  Aiesha will also hold a premiere in Washington, DC in September.

BTW, she’s also the mom of one of Racialicious’ favorite reviewers, TH.