links for 2010-08-20

  • "Cooperman said he suspected that a number of those surveyed who said the president was a Muslim do not believe it and were using it as a means to express their dislike of him. A Time magazine poll shows that one in four believe that Muslim citizens are not patriotic Americans. The same poll revealed that an even higher proportion say Muslims should not be permitted to sit on the supreme court or become president.

    Cooperman said calling Obama a Muslim was a way of saying that 'he's other, he's not one of us'".

  • "When I was reading Butterfly Swords, it spoke to me on a very deep level. This was a story, not technically about my people and my heritage, but it was a story that was about Others and even though I grew up very Western, my blood was forged in the East. I so appreciate that Jeannie Lin and Harlequin are bringing the history of the East to all of us. I just hope that people who might feel Other by looking at the cover, will remember that stories are all a bit of fantasy and you can lose yourself in this story as easily as one set in Regency England."
  • "Tourist advertisements sell an image of the country, one that is predominately based on a white male protagonist and racial other/attraction. This is similar to much advertising that uses dominant images of men having power and ownership, particularly of women, who are seen as passive and available."