links for 2010-08-19

  • "However, there’s an image of butchness that is rarely seen or even recognized: What of the butch intellectual?

    "The TV host, Rachel Maddow, is really the first acknowledged butch intellectual I’ve ever seen. The TV host, Rachel Maddow, is really the first acknowledged butch intellectual I’ve ever seen. Leslie Feinberg, whatever other appellations might crown her [sic] in glory, isn’t referred to as an intellectual.

    "Butches are known to be many things; we all carry an image of a butch in all her glory but among those images, I’d wager that very few of them are of a woman sitting at a desk eagerly figuring out some arcana of Linux or Apple Script or lying on a couch, some copious tome on evolutionary biology or string theory in her hands. Yet, we do exist. I know we do because I am one."

  • "Hollywood has been a challenge for me. I've prospered. But I've had a lot of resistance in terms of being able to get Latino stories produced, whether it's for television or the big screen. I've hungered for the ability to be able to support other filmmakers and my own desire to show Latinos as part of the American fabric. Even today, where 1 out of 3 people in the major cities in the U.S. is Latino, we're still the most underrepresented population in mainstream TV and film.

    "People deal with what they're comfortable with, and with what they know. For whatever reason, this society, and this town, is still very segregated. There are very few people who are in the mainstream of Hollywood who have any real contact with folks east of La Cienega Boulevard."

  • "But even as anime's popularity grows worldwide, the Japanese artists who do much of the work are finding their jobs at risk. "The problems plaguing the industry are numerous. Seeking lower costs, production companies for decades have been outsourcing the work to animation companies in South Korea, India, Vietnam and elsewhere, where scores of trade schools have cropped up and artists can be hired more readily.

    "More recently, competitors in China are cranking out their own lines of films and anime shows, in an effort to draw business away from Japan. Piracy is also on the rise, as bootlegging flourishes on YouTube and other Internet sites. And the popularity of the art form is cooling at home in Japan, as video games and the Web compete for consumers' time and money."

  • "In a news conference immediately following, Boudlal said she was told to take off her hijab, the head scarf some Muslim women wear, or work in a position in what the resort terms "backstage."

    "Boudlal refused and walked out of the hotel, again flanked by media and community members, who briefly began chanting.

    “'I’ve been sent home,' she said. 'I thought maybe today is my lucky day because I have my friends, my supporters.'"

  • "It is believed that the employees tampered with computer records, which meant that a number of people from ethnic minority backgrounds across the UK were paid less money than they were entitled to.

    "The investigation began in January when a customer complained that his or her records had been changed."