links for 2010-08-17

  • It’s not Gilbert’s fault, but as someone who comes from India, I have an instinctive reflex reaction to books about white people discovering themselves in brown places. I want to gag, shoot and leave.
  • No one is certain how many Anglo-Indians live in India today; they were last counted in a census in 1941. Intermarriage and successive waves of emigration after Indian independence are thought to have reduced their number to 150,000 at most, said Robyn Andrews, a social anthropologist at Massey University in New Zealand.

    The children and grandchildren of those who stayed have become increasingly assimilated, marrying Indians without European ancestors and adopting local languages.

  • The University has made commendable efforts to eradicate any racist blemishes.

    But one ugly remnant of its bigoted heritage remains — Russell Hall.

    Russell Hall is a towering tribute to white supremacy.

    The building, one of the most visible on the University’s campus, is named after Sen. Richard Russell Jr., perhaps the most ardent white supremacist in the history of our illustrious state. Russell is notable among political historians for his frequent use of the filibuster in order to prevent the passage of civil right bills in the Senate.

    Immediate action must be taken to rename Russell Hall.

  • "I am the daughter of a Malaysian woman. That Malaysian woman is the daughter of a Chinese woman. That Chinese woman was sold as a baby to Malays (as my mother says: It is the universal Chinese practice of not valuing your daughters as much as your sons). The stories of the women in the film are not my stories or even the stories of my mother, but they are the stories of the women in my grandmother’s family.

    And I was clueless about it all. I was a stranger. The extended family I grew up with was my father’s family. An African American family. 'Grandma' was my father’s mother. I didn’t know my mother’s family, knew zilch about my Asian heritage and so felt little connection. I understood that I was Asian but my Asianness was just the way people saw me. Like a costume I wore.